Where to Invest in 2019?

Last year ended with a lot of ups and downs, however speculations are that year 2019 is going to stand in much better position and might be the best year in a while to invest your hard-earned money. SIPs, Mutual Funds, Stock Market, Life Insurance to name a few good options. However, investing in Real Estate is supposedly the best choice for 2019. Below are a few points that elaborate the reasons behind it.

Why Invest In Real Estate This Year?

Indian real estate industry is reaching at a different level with the rise of residential and commercial property demand. This year the realty rules, policies and laws are going to shape the business for developers, buyers and investors. And this will eventually affect the property buying scene.

Our country is flourishing with real estate advancement. This ultimately, has boosted the real estate market scenario. Major foreign investors are showing interest in Indian property development. Along with this, the solid regulatory board and strict guidelines have actually, paved the way for urbanization.

Many NRIs are looking to make an investment in Indian soil because of the rising popularity of the various types of properties including industrial projects.

Types of Properties to Invest In

  • Apartments and Housing Complexes – This is a popular residential property choice for many and is widely found in India. From small apartments to large flats, people are looking for affordable properties at prime location these days. In a housing complex many families live together in their separate flats and share common amenities such as swimming pool, playgrounds, rooftop garden, clubs, shopping centers and outdoor areas. This type of residential property is extremely demanding these days as they come in different price tags as per the amenities and size of the flats. Ratnam Elegance, Ratnam Oasis, Siddharth Square to name a few projects by Ratnam Group are great examples of a housing complex which comes in different accommodation. So, investing in this type of property will always be a success.
  • Bungalows – It is the most lavish form of residential properties. One can buy one or two-storeyed bungalows. There are various locations in India that has serene environment, just perfect to build a 2, 3, or 4 BHK luxurious bungalows. Nowadays, bungalows are built with the right blend of modern and traditional architecture.
  • Penthouses – The top floor units of a residential apartment is called penthouse. This type of property is quite different from the rest of the building as they feature some of the exotic amenities and luxurious vibe. One can get panoramic views form a penthouse and can have the direct access to the terrace, rooftop swimming pool and a whole range of high-end facilities.
  • Shops And Commercial Spaces – Other really lucrative kind of real estate property is complexes that have Shops and Commercial Spaces. They can be just the next best investment for you if you already have a place to live, because such an investment can start generating money for you by either renting it out, by setting up your own business or simply by holding on to such a property which is bound to increase its value in near future. Ratnam Group has excellent options for Shops, Offices and Showrooms at various commercial projects on prime locations.

With the rise of the necessity to settle in cities and town, importance of property for better living is also escalating. If you are on your way to invest in real estate and start your own business, this is the time.